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Quality & Price

Crafty delivers services on par with the largest design agencies in the market. Yet their prices would say otherwise. Don't be fooled by the low prices. For the level of quality we got, I would've expected a much higher price. Their dedication to quality and value is why I'd definitely recommend them to colleagues and friends. Big thanks to the team.

Stephen Pope, Co-Founder, The Impossible Diet

Communication & Direction

The team at Crafty Design Studios some how delivered a seamless production experience. They were able to provide direction and receive feedback with the same level of zeal. I’ve never experienced a communication process so streamlined. The project required very little of my time as they easily implemented my suggestions while giving great directions. I’ll most certainly be working with them again. Whether you need a lot of direction or know exactly what you want, Crafty is the team you need.

Kathleen Shaw, Real Estate Agent

Speed & Capabilities

I was always a little unsure of working with smaller agencies. That uncertainty became complete confidence after working with Crafty. Somehow they have the capabilities you’d expect from a large agency, yet have the speed of a boutique. I found they truly cared about our results and go above and beyond. I’m incredibly pleased with our relationship and the growth we’ve experienced so far.

Kevin Trang, Co-Founder, Dropservicing Blueprint

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