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About Us

Crafty Design Studios is an international boutique made up of star players recruited internationally and working virtually to maximise the efficiency and quality of your graphic design projects. We are on the cutting edge future of work deploying technology to focus our creativity in serving global brands big and small. Working with us means getting the highest quality of custom graphic design on top of a structure of efficiency. So, you get the same level of service as our industries dinosaurs without the big fancy office price tag.

Times are changing. These changes have forced those companies that can to adopt a virtual workspace. One where efficiency is maximised and productivity skyrocketed. This is especially true in the Graphic Design space where Crafty little virtual agencies like ours have been able to compete with global behemoths. We do this by being completely virtual with our team spread internationally. For you, this means you get a lower cost service at a higher level of quality in comparison to our dinosaur agency friends. There you’re paying for huge offices and inefficient teams.

Crafty Design Studios is a boutique Graphic Design agency made up of an international team. Our cross-cultural perspective and expertise in the world of design means we bring fresh perspectives to projects both international and domestic. Our virtual team means you get high efficiency and productivity form your design team leading to lower prices for you at the same level of quality as the giants.

Our virtual teams are made up of top tier graphic design professionals with combined decades of experience. We’re able to deploy efficiencies gained by being virtual to give you the highest quality service at the lowest possible price. However, the savings carried on to you are not what make us special. It’s the award winning team of digital artists who bring something new to the table every time.

Your company is not a cookie-cutter, copy-paste business. So, what should your design be? With Crafty Design Studios, you’re getting high-quality original works hand-crafted specifically for you. Not some templates loaded up in a library. When you’re working with us you can be certain you’re getting original work customised for your brand to maximise marketability.

We’ve been pioneering digital graphic design services for years. Our work includes Fortune 500 companies right down to small up-and-comers. The thing that makes us unique is our ability to tackle every project with a fresh set of eyes. This means we come up with creative solutions to novel problems so your brand gets optimised design that brings results.

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