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Crafty Design Studios specialize in creating bespoke logo designs. We strive to create unique design solutions that attract the attention of your target audience effortlessly. We have years of experience creating logos, branding and custom typography for countless different professions and industries.

Your logo design is the first impression your company will leave with an audience. You only have one opportunity to get this crucial moment right. We create striking and professional branding by working with you to understand your company’s core values and communicate them through symbols, colors, and type that best represent your brand.

All of our logo designs come in high-resolution industry standard formats, ensuring that your brand is well represented by the highest quality across all print and digital platforms. We also offer premium branding packages that include business cards, letterheads, and social media kits to boost your marketing efforts. Click here to learn more about full brand identity packages.

Logo Design Packages

If you don’t see a package below that meets your requirements, don’t worry! Just send us your project specifications in your message to us and let us know that you’d like a custom package of concepts and revisions.

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2 Initial Design Concepts

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2 Rounds of Revisions

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1 Colour Profile Rendered: Full Colour

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3 Initial Design Concepts

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3 Rounds of Revisions

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3 Colour Profiles Rendered: Full Colour, Light & Dark

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4 Initial Design Concepts

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4 Rounds of Revisions

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4 Colour Profiles Rendered: Full Colour, Light, Dark & Inverted Colours

Our Process

Working with us is super easy! Take a look at our 3-step process
to find out everything you need to know before starting.


You can either buy a pre-made package on the website or message us first via the contact form below or at office@craftydesignstudios.com. We understand that you might not know which package is best for you or need a custom one that’s tailored to your specific needs. In that case, just describe your project in as much detail as possible in your message to us. Help us understand your vision. If possible, include your project budget. This way we can better understand the scope of your project. We will reply within 24 hours and provide you with a quote. If we come to an agreement, we will send you a contract to sign together with an invoice.


If you order via the website, you will automatically receive an introductory email. Shortly after, you will be contacted by our team member who will send you the correct design brief to fill out. If you purchase a custom package via invoice, the design brief will be emailed to you once the payment is complete. Unfortunately, we aren’t mind readers (yet), so you’ll help us immensely if you tell us exactly what you want. Once it’s filled out, we can get the ball rolling!


We create the initial version of the project based on your answers in the brief and then we go through an agreed number of revisions to make sure you’re perfectly happy with the final design. Once the project is approved, you’ll receive all of the file formats that you need (.jpg, .png. gif. .pdf). In terms of the original vector artwork files (.ai, .eps), they need to be requested and paid for separately unless specifically included in the purchased package.  The only exception is the logo for which you will always receive the original vector artwork (.ai, .eps). We also keep your original files so if you need to change something in the future, you can always come back to us.

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