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Times are changing. These changes have forced those companies that can to adopt a virtual workspace. One where efficiency is maximised and productivity skyrocketed. This is especially true in the Graphic Design space where Crafty little virtual agencies like ours have been able to compete with global behemoths. We do this by being completely virtual with our team spread internationally. For you, this means you get a lower cost service at a higher level of quality in comparison to our dinosaur agency friends. There you’re paying for huge offices and inefficient teams.

Crafty Design Studios is a boutique Graphic Design agency made up of an international team. Our cross-cultural perspective and expertise in the world of design means we bring fresh perspectives to projects both international and domestic. Our virtual team means you get high efficiency and productivity form your design team leading to lower prices for you at the same level of quality as the giants.

Our virtual teams are made up of top tier graphic design professionals with combined decades of experience. We’re able to deploy efficiencies gained by being virtual to give you the highest quality service at the lowest possible price.

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Our Services

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Logo Design

Crafty Design Studios specialises in bespoke logo design creation. We consistently create effective design solutions that capture your target audiences attention effortlessly. Our combined decades of experience in branding and logo design across industries internationally has honed our skills to a science. Your audiences first impressions are set in stone by your logo design. It’s crucial you get this one chance right. Our customised design process working directly with you allows us to communicate your core message in a way that resonates and engages with your audience striking them at first site.

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Print Design

From attention grabbing print media to the latest trends in digital marketing, Crafty Design Studios brings custom solutions to drive high levels of attention to your brands messaging. You want to convey your message in a consistent and potent way that captures the right attention with your target audience across your advertising platforms. Our specialisation in visual communication means our designs drive the actions you want with the people you want. Contact Crafty Design Studios today for all of your Print & Digital Design needs.

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Visual Identity

You need a comprehensive branding solution customised to fit your specific needs. Our visual identity packages are engineered to communicate your message in a way that attracts your target audience every-time. We take your brand to the next level. Through our strategic audit of your objectives we translate your brand into creative designs that connects with your audience on an emotional level. To be effective, your branding must become the personification of your core message. We create effective branding that becomes like a virtual evangelist consistently communicating your messaging across all channels.

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2D Animation

Video is the most potent form of brand communication online today. You need a video that communicates with your target audience in a way that resonates and engages them to take action. Our bespoke animated marketing video services have been engineered to give you a virtual salesman potently grabbing attention and converting strangers into fans. When you work with our team, you’re working with star players who work with the likes of with Pernod Ricard, EY, Cisco and hundreds more companies internationally. You get high quality video at the best price in the market.

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How It Works

We want to make our process as clear as possible, so you would know exactly what to expect during our time together.


Buy on the Website or Contact Us First

To start the process, please fill out a contact form below or email us at office@craftydesignstudios.com with your project specifications and we will discuss it with you and provide you with a quote. If our offer is accepted and you want to move forward with the project, we will send you an invoice. Alternatively, you can choose and purchase the pre-made packages available here on the website.


Fill Out a Design Brief

If you order via the website, you will automatically receive an introductory email. Shortly after, you will be contacted by our team member who will send you the correct design brief to fill out. If you purchase a custom package via invoice, the design brief will be emailed to you once the payment is complete. Unfortunately, we aren’t mind readers (ye t), so you’ll help us immensely if you tell us exactly what you want. Once it’s filled out, we can get the ball rolling!


The Production Stage

Once we receive your completed design brief, we’ll study your answers and start working on your project. First, we’ll research your competitors’ websites & social media profiles, branding trends in your industry as well as your target audience to make sure your design is unique, fits well with the current market standards and is relevant to your clients. Then, we’ll start the actual design phase. You’ll receive the initial components and then we’ll go through the agreed number of revisions where we implement all your feedback and directions. Once all the components are finalised, the production stage comes to an end.


The Final Delivery

Lastly, we will deliver the final files to you. You’ll receive all of the file formats that you need (.jpg, .png. gif. .pdf). In terms of the original vector artwork files (.ai, .eps), they need to be requested and paid for separately unless specifically included in the purchased package. The only exception is the logo for which you will always receive the original vector artwork (.ai, .eps). We also keep your original files so if you need to change something in the future, you can always come back to us and we can make any edits necessary.


Check out what some of our past clients have to say about us.

Quality & Price

Crafty delivers services on par with the largest design agencies in the market. Yet their prices would say otherwise. Don't be fooled by the low prices. For the level of quality we got, I would've expected a much higher price. Their dedication to quality and value is why I'd definitely recommend them to colleagues and friends. Big thanks to the team.

Stephen Pope, Co-Founder, The Impossible Diet

Communication & Direction

The team at Crafty Design Studios some how delivered a seamless production experience. They were able to provide direction and receive feedback with the same level of zeal. I’ve never experienced a communication process so streamlined. The project required very little of my time as they easily implemented my suggestions while giving great directions. I’ll most certainly be working with them again. Whether you need a lot of direction or know exactly what you want, Crafty is the team you need.

Kathleen Shaw, Real Estate Agent

Speed & Capabilities

I was always a little unsure of working with smaller agencies. That uncertainty became complete confidence after working with Crafty. Somehow they have the capabilities you’d expect from a large agency, yet have the speed of a boutique. I found they truly cared about our results and go above and beyond. I’m incredibly pleased with our relationship and the growth we’ve experienced so far.

Kevin Trang, Co-Founder, Dropservicing Blueprint

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