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The French Farm - Flower Honey

The French Farm specialises in selling European products (mainly from France, Italy, Spain & Portugal) like olive oil, mustards, vinegars, salts, jams, cutlery, tea towels, honeys and many more. All their products are carefully crafted by small, family-owned businesses and are made using traditional recipes and techniques, which are handed down from one generation to the next. They contain the highest quality ingredients and materials, have exquisite flavours, and are packaged beautifully.

The French Farm‘s goal is to bring the taste and feel of Europe into American homes for everyone to enjoy
as well as to provide the absolute best gourmet and culinary products which support one’s total well-being and make meals an amazing experience featuring natural and quality ingredients.

We were tasked with designing a label for a mix flower honey imported from France.

The design was inspired by European meadows, full of blooming wild flowers.

All the illustrations are hand-drawn and fully custom.